#BlogattheBeach with Icelolly.com

When I heard that online travel price comparison site IceLolly.com were hosting an event all about travel blogging, and right on my doorstep in Leeds none the less, I was very excited indeed. Travel is something I've been trying to incorporate more of into my blog lately, and with a day packed full of talks from industry experts, I knew it was just the kick up the bum I needed to get my blogging mojo back after a busy few months.

The first talk of the day was all things SEO from Robb Frost at Web Marketing Group. I've picked up a few bits and bobs about SEO at work, but it was really interesting to look at it from a blogs perspective, and how a few simple tweaks can really make a difference to your blog. He had lots of great advice, including how keywords and meta descriptions can make a difference, and introduced us to Yoast, which I definitely plan to use going forwards.

The second talk was the one I was looking forward to most (I think most people will agree with me there!), Monica from The Travel Hack. A blog I've read for an absolute age, and my general go to for help when planning a trip, I was really looking forward to what she had to say.

Monica spoke about working with brands, sharing her experience and advice that she's picked up along the way. My biggest takeaways were:

- Brands want more than just numbers. Personality, professionalism, multi-skills and a good niche can be just as important.

- Set out expectations before you begin working with a brand. It's important that everyone involved benefits from the collaboration

- The most important thing about callaboration is that you truly believe in the product of service that you are promoting. If it doesn't fit with your blog, it will be totally obvious and that's really not a good look. Don't sell out!

Finally, we heard from Greg at Travizeo, and specialist travel video company, who gave a fab presentation about how to incorporate video into your blog. Again, video is something I'm keen to start creating, I just haven't had the 'big idea' of how to do it in a unique way yet. Greg's talk has really inspired me to look at it properly and commit to making it happen.

His main advice was:

- Lighting is crucial, and use natural lighting wherever possible

- Raw, natural content is really on trend at the minute

- Useful tools for music include Audio Jungle, Audio Library and Pond5

- Collaborate with other bloggers to gain a wider audience

- When shooting, try to mimic the human eye - the eye doesn't zoom, so try not to do that with your video

Throw in epic cocktails from The Alchemist, a pop up beach, Pimms, lunch, and lots of lovely bloggers to chat to, and it was one pretty great afternoon that left me feeling so inspired to create great travel content.

Thanks so much for having me!