Current: home favourites

I'm an absolute sucker for buying decorative pieces for my home, and with a recent birthday allowing me to go a bit more crazy than usual with the spending, the last couple of weeks has seen my home filled with quite a few lovely new bits and bobs. Is it just me who has gone from spending all my money on clothes and makeup to home bits? No? Good. 

Here are a few of my current home favourites:


I ended up with a discount code for Retropacks in my Icelolly event goodie bag, and quickly signed up. I've now received two months worth of prints and am rather obsessed! You basically pick a range of instagram photos each month, and they deliver them in a box small enough to fit through your door. The quality is great, and they look amazing. If you're in a rush though bear in mind that mine to around two weeks to be delivered each time.

White Company Wild Mint and White Tea reed diffuser

The candle version of the Wild Mint and White Tea scent from the White Company made it to my official favourite of all time, so when I opened this reed diffuser from Tom on my birthday I was thrilled! My birthday this year was pretty home scent heavy, with my brother also getting me a goegous candle and reed diffuser. It's good to know they know me well! The mint from this really carries and literally scents the whole room, and just smells so fresh and wonderful. I love it!


My current obsession, my little family of cacti has continued to grow over the last few weeks. Thanks to Ruby Bloom, my new favourite shop in Leeds. We purchased all our cacti from there, as well as the gorgeous grey pot the big one sits in. We popped the rest in used candle pots, and I just love the effect. Recycling win!

Fox cushion

Yet another birthday buy, I couldn't resist this cute cushion when I was it in John Lewis. I love how it looks with my grey chair, and think it just adds so much character to the room! Plus it's a bit more substantial than my lumpy Ikea cushions that currently cover the settee...

What are your current interiors favourites?