Relaxing With Ocean Finance

When Ocean Finance challenged me to take some time to relax, I decided to take a whole day and do exactly what I wanted. With so many things often getting in the way of relaxing, taking a day for myself was a great way to recharge and get ready to hit the ground with work and everything else life throws at you.

So, 24 hours to spend some alone time. Here's what I did:

My day started with a bit of pampering in the form of a manicure at Mint. Whenever a special occasion comes around, Mint is the place I go for a spot on manicure that lasts around three weeks, and it always helps me feel good in myself. Nails sorted, it was time for some solo strolling around Leeds. We spend so much time in our home towns/cities, but it can be easy to miss just how special they are. Take some time to just wander around, no distractions, and take it all in. You might be surprised about how it clears the mind.

Lunch was next, and that meant a trip to Sheaf Street Cafeteria, a great place to enjoy good food and just enjoy your own company.

Back home, I opted for the ultimate relaxation tool - a bath with some of Lush's finest products. 'The magic of Christmas' bubble wand did not disappoint, and turned a bath into the ultimate relaxation tool. Follow with a fire and some Ben and Jerry's, and I think I might have had the perfect day.

What would you do if you had a day to yourself?