November Eats

How can I be writing my November Eats already? I swear the year has just flown by, and now there's only one month left! I didn't think I'd eaten much exciting food last month, but writing this has made me realise just how wrong that is! Let's get to it:

Humpit is one of my favourite places for a work lunch, one that makes me very happy without feeling like I've over indulged! I could eat this every week...

Ahh Bundobust, how happy was I to try their new (and IMO best) menu last month. Those biryani balls? SO GOOD.

One of the few interesting things made in my own kitchen last month, this pan fried gnocchi with pesto and burrata is easily one of the best things I've made. So good we're having it again tonight! Recipe coming soom.

Lunchtimes on London work trips are usually fun, and this mezze from Comptoir Lebanese was a great option, even if we only managed around a third of it between two!

A day off in Manchester usually means a trip to my favourite Solita, and that was confirmed when I saw that the parmo was returning to the menu for a short period of time. Sweet Jesus this is good. The cheesiest of bechamels with perfectly fried chicken. And yes, it is massive.

No trip to Manchester is complete without a visit to Home Sweet Home for a big slice of cake. Enough said!

To celebrate my lovely friend Kirsty's birthday, we headed to another favourite restaurant - Livin Italy. I swear this place gets better every time. If you're in Leeds and are yet to go, what are you waiting for?

The month ended with a last minute trip to Trinity Kitchen to sample the offering from Dim Sum Sue. This Hong Kong Pork Bao was incredible - the pork was amazing and there was so much flavour! Food puts me in a seriously good mood, and this made my mood next level.

What was your favourite meal of November?

Dan x