2016 travel plans

The last few years have been good for travel. 2014 saw a mega Asia trip that included Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, and 2015 followed with visits to Barcelona, Rome and Sorrento, with lots of UK mini breaks along the way.


So what will 2016 bring? Well, New York is already in motion. We fly out in May, and I can't wait to spend seven days eating and exploring all that NYC has to offer (Sprinkles Cupcakes I'm coming for you!).

Whilst New York will be epic in every way possible, it won't be a holiday. I'm fully prepared to come back feeling exhausted, and not like I've had a holiday at all, and with us currently in the process of starting the house buying process, starting news jobs (Tom), and being crazy busy at work (me!), relaxation will be needed. That's where Croatia comes in.

From Hvar and the surrounding islands, to Plitvice National Park with its crystal clear lakes and tumbling waterfalls and the steeped with history Dubrovnic, I long to see everything Croatia has to offer.

In terms of the UK? There's a nice trip to Northumberland and Edinbugh planned for later this month, and I'd also like to squeeze in a trip to Brighton. It's been on my list for a few years now! 

I absolutely love hearing other people's travel plans, so thought I'd also share a couple of my friends dreams for 2016:

Beth Nunnington


 "2016 is finally the year that I visit South America. I have been fortunate  to travel to many places in Europe and Asia but Latin America is an area of the world I am yet to explore.

First on the list is Ecuador, I have always dreamed of visiting the Galapagos Islands as I am a huge animal lover. My late Granddad used to chat to me about Darwin and his theories so I also really want to go in his memory. It’s definitely not a cheap travel destination but from my research I believe it is a once in a lifetime experience and worth every penny. Hopefully we will be able to afford to do a cruise, we’re not going to book it in advance and are hoping to get a cheap deal once we land!

 Kirsty Rogers


"We've got a variety of holiday plans this year, a lot with family which should be fun! First off we are going to Northumberland for a long weekend with the lovely Danielle and Tom, which we try to do once a year. After that, we're off to Sorento with my Mum and Dad along with my sister and her fiancée. Should be fantastic! We're definitely going to visit Pompeii to satisfy my history bug, probably Herculaneum as well. Naples is also in the list. A full week of Italian food and wine - yay! Then in June I'm off to France with my boyfriend Sam's parents, which should be really nice. Lots of cycling, good food and wine. I'm sensing a theme here...haahaa. After that, we might try to get away for a weekend in September, just a little something for me and Sam. We shall see!"

This is my entry to Ice Lolly's Send me Away competition. I'd love to hear from Glasses Girl, Queen Beady and Forever Miss Vanity! 

What are your holiday plans for the year? 

Dan x