January Eats

Well, welcome to my first food roundup of the year! I really enjoyed doing these last year, and so it's something that I'm gonna attempt to continue for 2016. Although we all know that continuity isn't my strong suit...

Without being one big old cliche, January for me was about getting back on track with my diet. At the end of December I bought Joe Wicks Lean in 15 book, and I've been roughly following his principles throughout the month. This has meant trying lots of his recipes, as well as trying not to eat out too much (I know, I know...).

This beef stroganoff was the first recipe I made from Lean in 15, and it went down so well I made it again two weeks later. It is literally the easiest thing in the world to make, and it feels like such a treat.


I Instagrammed a picture of these a few weeks ago, and had so much interest that I remade them to blog the recipe. Sweet potato rostis with chorizo and a fried egg, they're a bit of fuss but perfect for a post workout weekend breakfast.

For the first meal out of the month we tested our Evelyn's, a relatively new cafe bar in Manchester's Northern Quarter. Whilst I enjoyed the Korean fried chicken, I feel like the homefries could have been crispier, and couldn't help comparing them to Ox Club's offering

Another Joe Wicks' special, this chicken, leek and mushroom pie is another great recipe from the book. Again super easy to make, we had this for leftovers the next day and enjoyed it all over again.

When Tom's parents asked us if we fancied a trip to ilkley we were really excited to try some of the local restaurants, and ended up at Bar T'at. The food was pretty great, and I've been thinking about the sticky toffee pudding ever since.

I've said all I need to say about these paneer skewers in my recipe post, but they are definitely one of my food highlights of the month! For a healthy take on Indian food definitely give them a go.

What have you been eating this month?