Moretti Gran Tour

When the 'Moretti Gran tour' rocked up to Leeds, I knew it was something that I had to go to. Having just come back from an amazing two weeks in Italy my love for Italian food has never been stronger, and so I was keen to see if what I could get my hands on in Leeds could come close to the delights I sampled in Rome and Sorrento.

Now I'm not really a beer drinker, but sat on the steps of Leeds town hall in the sunshine, my Moretti truly hit the spot.

Arancini Brothers were my first stop of the night. Crispy balls of rice with various fillings, arancini has been one of my favourite foods since a trip to Milan in 2012, yet I'd never had them in England until my beloved Stuzzi opened in Harrogate. I have to say, these were great. My only issue? That they aren't based in Leeds! My favourite had to be the porcini mushroom ones - divine!

Next up, I went in for a pizza served the wonderful Pizza Fellas. They had some really unique flavours on offer, which I always appreciate in a pizza, and the base had a good crispy/chewy ratio.

My favourite dish of the night came from Tigellae, with their epic balsamic pulled pork braised in Birra Moretti. This was so good that I tried to recreate it the next week - my attempt was good, but nothing on the absolute joy of theirs. The flavours were just incredible, and everything worked together so well. I was talking about this for days!

Last up was gnocchi from Pasta E Basta, and both the beetroot and standard gnocchi were real, melt in the mouth treats. Being a huge (slight understatement...) lover of cheese, their rich gorgonzola sauce really hit the spot.

The Moretti Gran Tour shows that there are some serious Italian street food talents in the UK, and if you get a chance to head to one of their events it's really not one to miss!